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I continue to serve because I enjoy my career, my shipmates, and opportunities the Coast Guard afforded me. I am proud not only for breaking glass ceilings, but for also changing the culture to remove the idea altogether. Being a woman who serves means just that.

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Like, I did that! I didn't know it was until I heard a radio commercial at age For me, ing the Coast Guard gave me the opportunity to show people from my area that not only can you overcome your circumstances, but that you can also do it in a way that both serves you and your country. I have three daughters and two sons and having my kids tell their friends and teachers that their mom is in the Coast Guard with such admiration is very rewarding to me.

I have the privilege to work with an amazing team of selfless and fearless service members, whom I call family. The Coast Guard has not only encouraged women like me to thrive in this elite service, but it also challenges us to continue pushing limits in our wellness, education, and leadership. My main job, being on a search and rescue team, gives me the ability to help people who are in distress or simply need a helping hand.

Sometimes just our mere presence gives mariners comfort to continue on the water.

Wife want sex Honolulu USCG

I am part of a long line of women who served before me. I am proud to say that now I am able to travel on ship, drive small boats, and be a part of the law enforcement. I serve for all the ladies who came before me and those who come after me. While admittedly, there are still social and cultural obstacles that I face and my male counterparts do not, here is what pushes me forward: I am the coxswain boat driver of a foot small boat with over 1,combined horsepower. I moor that boat to the pier of a marina giving task direction to my crew of all males, and I look over to see a little girl holding her daddy's hand watching me, tugging on him and pointing.

Wife want sex Honolulu USCG

I stand up after the boat is tied up and I walk out on deck, wearing my body armor and gun belt. I smile and wave to her and she waves back. In that moment I hope she thinks that she can do this one day too. Being a woman in the Coast Guard to me means helping to bridge the gap between the amount of men and women in the military. Personally, the Coast Guard has allowed me to experience a dynamic life and live in unexpected places.

As a woman who serves, I realize the importance of representation and the responsibility I have to ensure every little girl KNOWS she can do anything her heart desires. The Coast Guard has shown me what I'm capable of, and I hope I can instill that same confidence in others. From working small boats assisting small vessels in distress on Lake Ontario, to breaking ice in Antarctica to provide a shipping lane to supply essential products to the science base in McMurdo, to assisting overturned migrant vessels in Haitian waters. There are many more forms of lifesaving for me to discover, but I am humbled by the experiences I have already had.

The military and maritime industry can be heavily male-dominated, but I enjoy being able to provide diversity and showing that gender should not be a factor in whether or not a person can be a great leader. Each association to the service has had its own benefits and challenges, but the constant is my chance to serve in an organization I appreciate and utilize my creative skills as a public affairs specialist.

Being in the Coast Guard is giving me a great life fulfillment of purpose, friendships, and the first in my family to have a college education. I have been a search and rescue planner for the majority of my career, and when the coordination between my team and the units on scene le to a life saved, it is adrenaline and joy unmatched. The camaraderie and adventures over the years will stick with me forever.

I am fiercely proud to be a successful female in the service, leading with positivity and kindness. Together we women are helping shift the men's world military culture, and I can see it day to day. All images provided by the U. Coast Guard.

Wife want sex Honolulu USCG

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