Want to play m4m

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I snuck into the bedroom on all fours. I was tired. It had been a long day. My boyfriend at the time was sleeping on the bed. I started sniffing his neck until a sleepy grin formed on his face. When I knew he was awake, I licked him — a long, sloppy, wet lick up his cheek — then ran to the living room.

I heard him behind me.

Want to play m4m

I was on all fours, shaking my ass on the sofa in his direction. This is role play. Role play can be spontaneous or pre-planned, and as elaborate as you make it. At its simplest, role play happens when two adults consensually engage in an eroticized pretend game, a shared sex fantasy. And it is not limited to two adults — group role play offers some of the hottest sex experiences imaginable. Everything in the world can inspire role play. You could do sofa role play and have someone sit on you. Try these 39 role play scenarios for the adventurous gay couple.

Use your imagination! My name is Alexander Cheves, and I am known by friends in the kink and leather community as Beastly. I am a sex-positive writer and blogger. The views in this slideshow do not reflect those of The Advocate and are based solely off of my own experiences. Like everything I write, the intent of this piece is to break down the stigmas surrounding the sex lives of gay men. Those who are sensitive to frank discussions about sex are invited to click elsewhere, but consider this: If you are outraged by content that address sex openly and honestly, I invite you to examine this outrage and ask yourself whether it should instead be directed at those who oppress us by policing our sexuality.

For all others, enjoy the slideshow. And feel free to leave your own suggestions of sex and dating topics in the comments. Hungry for more? As I write this, the house next door is being renovated. If you listened to them, you would think a gay porno was being shot outside my window. Lots of laughing and group camaraderie with one poor guy the sub making pained, grunting noises. Just when I think the mean top is about to ease up, the sound of an electric drill starts, and the guys start laughing again. Construction worker role play is a great group role play to get into if you can conjure up some buddies and orange vests — and you can even redo your kitchen in the process.

You know the scenario: a young freshman walks in the locker room among the beefy seniors on his football team, who have a nasty initiation ritual planned for him after practice. The gay porn site Fraternity X has capitalized on the fantasy of frat boy hazing.

All their videos have the same basic narrative: a group of horny college guys are sitting around in a trash-strewn commons area drinking beer and watching TV when one bro starts running his mouth. When my ex-boyfriends and I visited new cities where no one knew us, we would sometimes say we were brothers. It was funny sometimes, a lark — other times, it was really sexy. At the local gay watering hole, we would tell the guys interested in us that we were related and see how many of them believed it. Many guys have a brother fantasy.

This is an easy one to role play in the bedroom, and there are endless imagined scenarios available to you: Big brother is visiting home from college and has to share your bedroom for a night.

Want to play m4m

You two are close and like to wrestle, and one day the wrestling goes a little too far when one of you gets excited. Anonymous public hookups are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Our mediated, digitalized hookup culture has all but replaced discreet staring contests in the gym and public cruising in parks and bathrooms.

Many formerly cruisey places are more heavily watched now, and your success rate is inevitably lower. Also, some guys have some discomfort with completely anonymous sex. One solution to all these is to do anonymous role play with someone you know.

If you want to play in public, plan to meet up somewhere that you are fairly certain will offer some privacy. If your fantasy is to anonymously pick up a stranger and take him back home, this is easier: just plan to meet somewhere the gym, a bookstore and watch him from across the room. Another common gay porn scenario: the gruff, frustrated football coach tells his star quarterback to stay after practice for some additional training. For obvious reasons, this scenario works great for group role play as well. Who says the coach only has one MVP? Like many scenes in the world of kink, puppy play at its simplest is a form of role play.

Like all forms of role play, puppy play is as simple or complex as you make it. Some pups — myself included — love the pup hepace and extend it past the bedroom into daily life. Pups are automatically submissive to handlers. A good pup loves getting scratches, treats sexual or otherwiseand led around on a leash by a handler. And while this is certainly not always the case, handlers are typically tops and pups bottoms alpha pups being a common exception — see Puppy play is implicitly, if not explicitly, a sex role play, but some pups and handlers have removed the sex aspect of it and turned puppy play into a practice more akin to yoga — a de-stressing activity that frees them from the daily rigor of life.

Want to play m4m

There can be a therapeutic aspect to adult pretend games, if only because they remove you from your daily hepace and allow you to be imaginative. We know the positive effects that playing has on children, but few cultures have spaces for adults to do the same. This is like puppy play, but the submissive guy acts like a cat.

This features of this role play are endless: rubber or latex cat suits, tail plugs, and felt mice dangling on a string. Pony play follows the same basic form as the other pet play types. Human ponies love neighing, wearing bits in their mouths ones deed specifically for human pony play, as actual metal bits will break teethand being taken for a ride. The rubber, latex, and leather gear for pony play gets pretty elaborate and very costly, but I know some guys who have an almost quasi-religious dedication to pony play and are willing to fork over the cash.

There is nothing more fun than pupping out with another pup, which means barking, roughhousing, wrestling, licking, and rolling around on the bed with another guy that shares the pup hepace. The range of power dynamics in the world of kink can be explained by placing them on a spectrum. The restrained male patient needs an anal exam from the rugged doctor, who is conspicuously naked beneath his white coat and stethoscope. When sergeant tells you to drop down and lick his boots, you better drop down and lick his boots, private.

The full parameters of the play should be discussed before starting. Some guys might think the idea of being kidnapped and tied up is hot, but after three hours in a closet with duct tape over your mouth, you might feel differently. In the pre-play negotiation talks, you should set clear limits and boundaries. This role play is one that can be taken to extreme lengths — some guys love getting abducted from a public place and thrown in the back of a car — so you should only play with someone you know and trust not a stranger or someone you met online.

Son comes home from college one day and catches his dad in the shower and decides to. The fantasies are unlimited! He will do whatever it takes. You might need to carry him. But first…. Aretwork courtesy of Fred Lammers.

Baby role play commonly overlaps with diaper fetish and sometimes scat feces fetish. An adult baby will crawl around, cry, and eventually need someone to change his diaper. Business tycoon and office boy. This one works great if you and your boyfriend like to film yourselves having sex. Strip for the camera as he directs you.

This role play obviously lends itself to groups, especially if you like to watch and direct others and be in control. Christmas role play! While a santa hat and some black leather boots should get you started, a hefty amount of playfulness and creativity is all you need to get on the naughty list this year. Some guys are wigged out by immediate-family incest scenarios, but cousins? No problem. Their whole setup is kind of obvious, and pretty gay in itself: a wealthy older bachelor takes in a poor young house boy just to fight crime in spandex and black rubber every night?

Unsurprisingly, a gay porn parody of the recent Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie just hit shelves. As you can see, anyone into incest fantasies has unlimited role play options to choose from. This is only role play if you are not, in fact, married.

Everything under the sun — including the sun — can be fetishized and inspire eroticism, especially a married couple as opposed to boyfriends or simply two gay men who play together. This milder role play involves acting like a married couple before or after sex. Many guys, myself included, love being the third or forth, or fifth for a married couple. All hands on deck! This more imaginative role play goes great with costumes and props. What submissive guy has never fantasized about being the lowly cabin boy on a ship full of rough and restless pirates? The group scenarios are very sexy, and the role play necessitates a lot of rope and a gag — opt for a torn strip of cotton cloth instead of a ball gag.

The handsome, bespectacled professor needs you to stay after class. Invest in a good wooden or rubber paddle deed for the job. You do not need to light your house on fire to enjoy this role play. This old-school role play scenario is not complete without a good set of handcuffs and a black police baton — or, even better, a baton dildo.

This is another Tom of Finland inspiration — one that old-guard leather enthusiasts will be familiar with.

Want to play m4m

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