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It featured an erect penis, and could be bought on the high street. The groundbreaking film changed attitudes to sex and censorship — paving the way to the Pornhub era. The producer was a man called Robertwho had been approached by Virgin — which had recently started making condoms — to make a sexual health film for men that explained how to use one. There were two difficulties with that. The first was that no erect penis had been shown on screen in Britain. The second was that had no interest in making a film about penises.

The censor — James Ferman, the director of the British Board of Film Classification from to — took care of the first issue. brought up the second issue. He wanted to show genitals.

Very nice free sex women

Ferman laid down conditions. The film had to be fronted by a doctor. The script had to be approved by a reputable organisation. There was to be no lingering on the explicit shots. It was not, in short, to be a mucky film, regardless of what its viewers might use it for.

Very nice free sex women

Tissue within the penis fills with blood, making it stiffen. As arousal increases, so does heart rate. Chief among them were Tony and Wendy Duffield, former patients of his, who went on to be the Brad and Angelina of the sex ed video market. We had no idea. We had never been in this world. We had done very wholesome stuff, so doing this was breaking new ground.

Very nice free sex women

He says now he thought it might rival thecopies of a Neighbours tie-in video he had made. In fact, it soldcopies in its first fortnight, going on to sell 1.

Very nice free sex women

It is sex at its gentlest. Everything is shot in soft focus; candles are everywhere. Couples wander through fields, smiling happily, before retiring to bedrooms and bathrooms for soft and sensual lovemaking with a voiceover. Nothing from it would now get anywhere near the front of a porn aggregator site. The primary function of the scene was to be helpful to couples in the audience who were trying to improve their own sex life.

Very nice free sex women

You were actually looking at people who told what sex meant to them, what their relationships meant, what they wanted to do, what they were trying to do. And they were real people. accepts that not all his audience had education in mind, but takes the view that he was smuggling greens into their meal.

If it had been some medical thing with diagrams, who would have bought it? Thank you for saving our marriage. The ease of access was definitely really important. Politics has the concept of the Overton window — the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time — in which the centre of political gravity shifts left and right.

One might think of sex, too, as having its own Overton window, and the 90s saw that window shift to allow portrayals of explicit sex, and an explosion in pornography. There were simple, practical, legal reasons for that. Fromthe Reagan and Bush administrations in the US had vigorously pursued obscenity prosecutions against pornographic film-makers. Bill Clinton came to power in promising to follow that agenda; in fact the Clinton administration had virtually no interest in prosecuting pornographers. Inthere were 42 prosecutions in the US in which federal obscenity offences were the lead charge; bythere were only six.

The result was a boom in porn production, and the rise of mega-studios such as Evil Empire and Vivid Entertainment. That would have been irrelevant had porn remained the preserve of sex shops. But three things were happening at once. E-commerce was born. Third, a dancer and stripper called Danni Ashe noticed how many of her pictures were being traded on Usenet groups, and set up her own website, sparking a rush for porn producers to sell content directly via the internet.

At the same time, the culture was changing.

Very nice free sex women

Soft porn mags for women were launching, as was the hugely explicit Black Lace series of novels, also aimed at women, which sold more than 4m copies between its launch in and its closure in And a new kind of male culture — in which it was assumed and accepted that viewing porn was nothing to be ashamed of — was emerging. By the end of the s, what was officially d lagged so far behind what was readily available to anyone with an internet connection and a credit card that change was inevitable.

The driver of change, again, was James Ferman. He was convinced the only way to draw people away from violent pornography — his particular bete noire — was to grant R18 certificates to films depicting consensual penetration and allow them to be sold in d sex shops. You are giving a certificate to it? I am probably the last of the old-time regulators.

Censorship of pornography had, to all intents and purposes, finished in the UK. It did not lead to YouPorn. That was the internet. But it was the starting point for a decade of change. Since the 60s, the cult of the individual had grown and this was part of that process. It was something people wanted individually that changed a lot of attitudes towards sex.

I think it was a massive, seismic shift in attitudes. And still it does its work. A few weeks after we talk, forwards an he has just received. Your work is impeccable. I began watching them, and all I can say is.

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Very nice free sex women

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