New Hampshire married sex

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In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision on marriage, they got thousands. At times those on hand in Market Square seemed to surprise themselves with their s and their enthusiasm. Some of the speakers, like Jake Sandlin and Nicki Sinclair, could hardly find the words to describe the moment:.

It's like a dream! But the high court's ruling quickly became the new focus of celebration. Splaine noted one more change: "As of yesterday," he said, "I stopped referring to it as g-a-y marriage, it is marriage.

New Hampshire married sex

This state was the fifth to legalize marriages for same-sex couples, and it did so through the legislative process — not through the courts. For example: in the wake of the court decision that legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, New Hampshire lawmakers set up a commission to study the issue.

But there were deep divisions among its members. After holding a series of public meetings and taking testimony from hundreds of citizens, a majority of the commissioners quickly voted to recommend a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. It is the majority that is interested in the rights and responsibilities which we are going to do, and which we are going to recommend.

The title of the name doesn't matter. It's what the meats and potatoes are. Several panel members said that vote showed the commission was only paying lip service to securing rights for gays and lesbians. Fifty years from now, when gay marriage has become a fait accompli, and everybody realizes it's something that should've happened a lot sooner, history will look back in shame with what this commission has decided to do.

Several years later, Democrats won majorities in the State House and Senate for the first time in decades. And in Aprilthey approved a civil unions bill — the first without a court case or the threat of one — and then-Governor John Lynch ed it into law. Gay rights advocates largely cheered the new measure — but they noted the federal Defense of Marriage Act meant there were sharp limits on civil unions. Eventually it did pass, 13 to The first vote in the State House actually rejected the marriage bill, by one vote. Democrats called a recess to persuade opponents to change their vote; when the measure came back up it narrowly passed.

The wildcard was Governor Lynch, who had declined to comment on the marriage bill as it worked its way through the legislature. Once, when asked his stance on an amendment to a billthe governor said, "I haven't read the amendment - I'm really here talking about the swine flu.

That's all I'm going to focus on. Lynch eventually did read the bill, and said he would only the measure if it included new language exempting church-affiliated entities from being required to participate in same-sex weddings. Lawmakers agreed to the changesand Lynch not only ed the marriage bill into law, but said there needed to be federal legislation on the issue. Opponents vowed the election would bring a backlash on marriage. Voters that year gave House and Senate majorities to Republicans, whose party platform supported repealing the marriage law.

The lead sponsor of the repeal effort, Representative David Bates of Windham, pointed toward political dynamics as one cause for the outcome. Something else was materializing as well: public attitudes about marriage were changing.

New Hampshire married sex

New Hampshire had seen several high profile stories up close: Charlie Morgan, a New Hampshire National Guard member who sued to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act to see that her wife could receive survivor benefits after her deathand Gene Robinson, elected the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and a vocal backer of same-sex marriage.

In the UNH Survey Center found only 29 percent support for repealing the marriage lawwhile 51 percent were strongly opposed — s that were unthinkable a decade before. But marriage equality advocates say neither that vote, nor the Supreme Court ruling last week, is the end of the story for the LGBT community. Far from yes, even in this state," Richman said. If you identify as trans, you can still be fired from your job, just for being trans; you can be denied housing for being trans.

So our trans youth are growing up in a very scary world still. That, Richman says, will come in time. But he says this moment is worth celebrating. It's a socially accepted fact of law. And it makes a big difference. Search Query Show Search.

New Hampshire married sex

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New Hampshire married sex

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New Hampshire married sex

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