Motor home swingers

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Forgot your password? One of our early experiences was in a full-sized van that had been decorated inside for playing by its owner. It took place in the parking lot of the restaurant where we'd just had dinner.

Motor home swingers

It had a large window that we could see out of but no one could see in. That event gave us the idea of owning a motor home and traveling around the country visiting swingers. My guess you could do it and never miss a beat on the Swingers Board, Julie, because of the mobility of the internet these days.

My VERY religious, rather judgmental cousins and their wives have 3 assumptions about swingers that I know of Lol this came up during a recent visit and we had no clue how to react. My sister and i are both swingers That is awesome. What if the man with the RV doesn't have a mustache? Does the probability go up or down? I would think the probability there lies with the 3rd category: level of scuzziness. But with regards to the topic at hand I would love to spend my retired years traveling and hopefully meeting swingers along the way, but I think I would rather do it by train so I won't have to drive.

I HATE driving! I do love driving. I don't think I'm going to want to buy an RV and travel that way when we're retired. I know that I wouldn't mind buying a small RV, selling all our stuff and going on the road for a few years. Sounds like a fun excursion.

Tough call between whether I'd want to do that in an RV, or on motorcycles though. I think I'd lean towards motorcycles.

Motor home swingers

My wife and I have talked about how fun it would be for one or the other of us to be driving the RV while play time was happening elsewhere in the RV. Of course, it might cause an accident We thought about going to that, actually. Just to say we did.

Motor home swingers

We've also considered making a "newsletter" to send to my cousins about how to avoid swingers in the Indy area when they come for GenCon this fall. Why not both? Buy and RV, install a lift on back and hoist the Goldwing on up. Sounds like heaven to me. We had two kids with us ages 20 months and 5 weeks and were not swingers at the time. But we met some great people and didn't have sex with them. KM34 I will say, I did return with a moustache, and a beard, come to think of it, as I purposely did not pack a razor. I was failry scuzzy by the time I got back.

So I guess I can blame my swinging on that trip. Thank your cousins for me, now I know why I do this! When I win the lottery, I'd love nothing better than to buy a big ol RV I'm talking about the three-quarters of a million type and do nothing but travel throughout the good old USA. I'd sell my place I have right now and just travel.

Of course, we'd stop at all the great clubs along the way. We'd have to tow a Jeep Wrangler or some other type of vehicle behind our RV so we can travel a bit easier around the more populated areas. There are so many places I want to see in the U. I have a lot of living to do. If I don't win the lottery, I'd still like to do the same thing. Don't wait to win the lottery. us on the road as full time RV'ers. It is a great life.

Motor home swingers

We stay where it is warm or cool as the seasons dictate. Also we have some swinging friends who we hang around if we want it to be hot and fun, or is it fun and hot. We always get that confused. Decorateing them for Adult Party Fun as well. One couple even had an Adult Swing of sorts complete with stirrups-Velcro restraints etc. I too was once invited after dinner at a restaurant after meeting an elderly couple to come see their minivan in the parking lot then twice with 2 other Geezers Couples while out camping and what Fun we 3 had for sure!!!

Here's Hopeing you run into a Geezers Couple into that too so you can see for yourself! It Sure Woeks for Me!!! We would certainly fit into the Swinging Geezer demographics but minus the RV. We did discuss getting one but didn't think it economical given the initial cost and the price of gas.

When we visited South Texas we were amazed at just how many RV parks were there with people our own age and speculated as to the levels of "friskyness". Not sure if it was just a joke or if their was a real poll taken. So do you have to be a geezer or have a motor home to participate in this thread? What about pre-geezer and a travel trailer? The ms and I talked over the weekend about finding couples to rv with, not sure about swing with couples.

Did our first trip this past weekend read the forums, had sex, drank beer, of the forums had sex Back when I had hair I was employed in the RV biz for a cpl years. The clientel seemed reflective of overallwith a bit overrepresentation of famillies with. Things were not yet so overpriced that they could be afforded as a hobbyrather than needing to be retiries liquidating a house to afford a MH.

Not "swinging " per sebut once upon a time a salesman as out and about in a MH for whatever reasonand happened to stop to browse in an Adult Book Store. He was aproached by a young ladiesand he uttered the since legandary comment " Soyou ever do it in a Motorhome?

Motor home swingers

For playtime in back while going down the roadyou don't need a motorhomea pickup truck will work. While we don't own a motorhome yet? We can also provide the bonfire and company. Tenting it is fun also. Yup, we geezers can still get a tent up and get it up in a tent. It can also be a discussion starter by the bonfire We have a redneck toyhauler: a pop-up camper mounted on a flatbed trailer. Plenty if room left for the motorcycles.

Pull it with a Suburban. We get a lot of attention with it when we pull into the campgrounds. Loved your post that is partially re-posted above. Our near first time was in a tent with another couple near a crystal clear spring fed pond. We chickened out and do not remember why. Now as to seasoning. Anything or any person who is hot.

What else would you expect from a Cajun. Back when I was Married we often had other couples and singles come over to our popup camper after group campfire time was over and time for a "night cap"and what FUN we had with many of them! Trust me I Know!! You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. What Are Swingers Like? Existing user? in anonymously. Recommended Posts.

Alura 2, Posted February 24, A lot of retired folks own motor homes; some travel constantly. Does anybody do this? Would anybody find such a life appealing?

Motor home swingers

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motorhome swingers