Looking a ride friend

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But what does it mean? How do you become a ride or die, friend? Ride or Die was originally a biker term meaning if you couldn't ride you'd rather die.

Looking a ride friend

Deep huh? You live together. Without you even asking, your 3 besties descend on your house from various corners of the country. Armed with black bin bags and champagne, they unceremoniously throw his stuff into bags, allowing you to run around the house in your pants, drinking copiously. In the weeks before, you call your friend every single night.

You come up with a hundred ridiculous business ideas. Constantly asking your friend to support you. She does.

Looking a ride friend

She comments on your projects on social media, she tells people about them. She lets you know what she thinks. Any new business goss for me? You look after their children, you get them a tampon on their wedding day, you hold their hair back whilst they're sick and shout at them when they try to self-destruct.

This is what it means to be a ride or die, friend. You associate them with hysterical tears or rib-cracking laughter. A couple of them have quite literally talked me off the edge. Keep these people in your life because as a BossBabe or women trying to stake it out on their own these are the people that will make your world incredible and support you through whatever it is that you do.

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Looking a ride friend

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Looking a ride friend

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I am looking for friends – perhaps marriage – in an Uber pool, but nobody will talk to me