Look for sex in milan

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The plan was to rent a car at Montpellier somehow the only option that allowed me to book a cheap flight and book a cheap rental car and then drive into Spain, carefully avoiding the highway and instead crusing down the carretera Madrid-Francia N-II.

Look for sex in milan

So the trip fell through. This is not an exaggeration. Depending where you come from, some parts of Italy are indeed very wild and promiscuous. I come from Germany, which is a very liberal country already. First a warning: Taking the Gotthard tunnel on Pentecost weekend is not a good idea! The holiday crowd aka the numbnuts will easily ruin your day.

It took me over over twice the time that I would regularly drive with 2 hour traffic jams before and after the gotthard tunnel. Anyway, I spent two days in the vicinity of Rho, Milan and Carpiano. The basic process of picking up a sex worker is as predictable as can be: You stop along the road, she comes to talk to you, you agree on a sexual service, she gets in and you drive to a place.

The girls have multiple locations along the road. But the girls know their spots very well. They can quickly redirect you to another location should the spot already be taken by somebody else. Info: You should know some Italian. You can always agree on something by making hand gestures. But you should at least know some of the s.

Actually only two of them: venti and trenta. A handjob will run you 20 venti Euros although the girl might try to talk you out of another 10 Euros to show you her boobs and let you touch them. In Rho, I suggest you take this route. There are lots of traffic circles, so you can quickly pass parts of the road several times. Most of the women that I have seen along the ro were healthy and quite young They are not at all drug addicts, as prostitution abolitionists aka the religious nutcases might want to make you think.

There are ro with a high density. It can be quite annoying when you have to take a piss. I will mark the ro on a map for you later.

Look for sex in milan

On some ro, the girls stand mostly on one side, on other ro you can find them on both sides. Either way, you will probably have to pass them a few times before you decide which one to speak to. Firstly, even on a Sunday yes, the girls are working Sundays! So you will pass many girls without having the time to react. Fortunately, there are many traffic circles in that area, so you can just run back and forth to get an overview and to stop and talk to the girl you like the most.

Look for sex in milan

Most of the prostitutes look really nice. A good-looking girl will easily make a couple of hundred Euros a day. Some more average looking sex workers can probably be found a bit further off from the rest. They all have their spots. I could not talk to the girls to ask them, but there could be a pecking order. Or the locations are filled first come first serve. Anyway, from my experience, hot looking girls can be a really boring fuck.

The less good looking ones can give you a service that can be far better than the service of one of those pimped up street working girls. It takes a lot of courage to do their job. South of Milan, I suggest this longer route to you:. Try to stay out of Milan while you spot for hookers. And there are quite a lot of badly tagged cul-de-sacs and one-way ro, which make difficult. Some girls stand at traffic circles. If you ask me, they are kookoo. All the streets are quite under heavy traffic, even on Sundays. I would not bother to stop in the middle of a traffic circle.

Avoid the highways at all costs. I always use a GPS when navigating. So try to get a city map of the area before your trip. More modern devices will do an even better job.

Look for sex in milan

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Look for sex in milan

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