Lonely Denver pleasure chat

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Denver is full of gorgeous, fit, adventurous adults having lots of sex. But is it always good sex? Fortunately, our city is home to a growing sex-positive community. We asked them to explain—often in NSFW detail—how our sex culture is evolving, and how we can learn more about a natural act few of us are naturally good at. It wasand sex was making headlines nationally. There was the Ashley Madison hack. And Ben Affleck was allegedly sleeping with the nanny.

Here in Denver, the local reportage was similarly scintillating; however, the narrative skewed less Hollywood scandal and more romantic comedy. According to two studies published that year, the Mile High City was among the five most sex-crazed towns in the country.

Issues in the bedroom, of course, are not unique to Colorado. In high school health class, we get the basics of reproductive biology without being taught that sex can be gasp! If local sexperts are correct, quite a lot. Which is why a resident cadre of sexual guides is eager to lead you to new destinations—and, perhaps, new heights of delight.

Recently, though, a sexual awakening has begun to spread though the city, with established kink groups seeing their ranks swell and new organizations—including female-oriented sex shops, an erotica production company, a bondage-focused studio, and a wealth of titillating seminars and workshops—popping up around town over the past half-decade or so. However, having an open mind might just help you boost your intimate moments—so you never have to choose between quantity and quality.

If things go bad in the boidoir e. Good night. But two things are non-negotiable: Sex must be safe, and it must be consensual. May we suggest reading on, maybe with a regular partner? You are a sex-positive savant. In this feature, you just might learn some new moves to add to your healthy repertoire. Ladies, shopping in Denver just got even more euphoric: Two new female-focused sex shops curate products just for you. Good news: One initial step toward sex-positivity encourages you to be a little selfish. But both Vibrant, founded by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains as a fundraising arm inand Awakening Boutiquewhich opened in RiNo in mid, aim to upgrade the sex-toy-shopping experience for women.

That begins by exclusively stocking products that are safe for lady parts. Because the industry is unregulated, mainstream toys often contain chemicals—such as parabens and phthalates—that can leech into the body from certain rubbers and plastics. Then there are the stores: Traditionally, adult retailers featured bad lighting, offensive packaging, and furtive customers rifling through DVDs. For its part, Vibrant has an online chat platform; its employees spend hours helping customers find the right products for their particular desires.

I enjoy getting stoned—just not in front of other people. It makes me way too paranoid. So I was dubious when Jenni Skyler, a Ph. In the bedroom? A space already teeming with insecurity? None for me, thanks. Then the guy who was supposed to write this essay bailed. Studies show that marijuana can ramp up frequency with daily use and heighten arousal. I was skeptical, though, that pot would sharpen my focus. I soon discovered what she meant: First, I got giddy.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

Pretty quickly comes the full, rising bloom of heightened sensation. Warm feels warmer. Tinglings feel tinglier. For a short time—but not too short! Well, her and Mary Jane, of course. And state laws governing alcohol sales and city ordinances related to sexually oriented businesses are more puritanical here than in some other states. In Colorado and Denver, full nudity and contact lap dances are off-limits if the bar has a liquor. But does that mean there are zero crisp-singles-worthy spots? We found out. Upsides: Intimate, sensual space with a long bar; adept bartenders; gorgeous dancers who understand the art of the strip tease; no smoking allowed; downtown location.

Downsides: The club is relatively small, meaning you might not see someone you like right away. Downsides: The decor and furniture skew a little too Texas Roadhouse for a strip club; smoking is allowed. Upsides: Elegant room; experienced dancers; walk-in humidor with quality cigars; private suites for one-on-one dances at Diamond After Dark upstairs; downtown location. Upsides: Upbeat atmosphere with good tunes; acrobatic, diverse, and flirtatious talent; male dancers on at least one stage; all-nude room upstairs.

Downsides: Overly aggressive security; poor diversity of entertainers; clientele can be fratboy-ish at times. Upsides: The only gay male strip club in Denver; comfortable dive bar atmosphere; Baker neighborhood location. Order the house martini and feel your inhibitions start to disappear. Get a room at: The Halcyon. Get that funny feeling at: The Cooper Lounge in Union Station, whose worldly elegance is reminiscent of a romantic ride on the Orient Express. Catch the eye of the alluring stranger at the bar. He looks a lot like Steve, your partner of a decade. But after a few Champagne cobblers, he becomes Jean-Claude, a Parisian ex-pat with a mysterious past.

Get a room at: The Crawford Hotel. Keep the fantasy going by dashing into one of the rooms right off the second-floor landing, which are deed to resemble original Pullman sleeper cars.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

Vanish from prying eyes into a dark booth seemingly deed for dark deeds. Get a room at: The Oxford Hotel. But only the junior suites come with double shower he in the bathroom. Just something to think about. What you probably did wrong: Had sexual intercourse, lewdly fondled or caressed another person, or knowingly exposed your genitals in public or where the conduct could cause alarm to an unsuspecting passerby. What you probably did wrong: Exposed your genitals with the intent of arousing or satisfying another person in a way that might cause affront to an uninvolved onlooker or performed an act of masturbation in a way that exposed that act to an unwitting person.

By Kasey Cordell There are sound arguments for not having sex where the wild things are. Chief among them: dirt, twigs, rocks, insects, and other rash-inducing things no one wants in their crevices. But that little bit of risk is part of the thrill. Besides the rush of playing Russian roulette with your nether parts when canoodling in a questionable patch of ivy, having sex outside takes you beyond your comfort zone. The aforementioned twigs and rocks preclude any notion of going missionary. And a funny thing happens when you step outside of your bedroom routine.

Sex becomes more thrilling. Science even backs us up on this one: The potential for getting caught, preferably by some small woodland creature and not a hiker—hello, public indecency charges! Clarke is that increased sympathetic nervous system activity can also be responsible for sexual arousal, specifically in women. What mainstreamers can learn from the kink community about committing to the notion of consent. Four years ago this month, Fifty Shades of Grey hit American big screens and did two things.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

Like, immediately. Is this feeling good to you? Do you see hesitation or fear? Is there utter silence? Is your partner responding to you? Even if you think you are sure, check in anyway. We really do have to commit to the idea of consent. Kama and Urvashi have no problems with graphic sexual imagery. The Larimer County residents, who asked us to use their stage names, own an erotic photography business and are active in the local swingers community.

In addition, pornography, they believe, too often has become a replacement for sex. So, four years ago, the couple launched a production company called Spark Erotic. Even without the aid of an unexpectedly chiseled cable repairman, things take a turn toward the sensual. The resulting vignettes are explicit but not gratuitous, often educational, and always respectful. The pair hopes lovers use the scenes as mood-setters. Who or what can we fault? Daniel Shodell. Then: Use a damn condom.

When it comes to unconventional sex, Denverites are much less prude than one might think. Here, we separate fact from fiction. You might think BDSM bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism means that one partner gets off on torturing the other. But typically kink play is about consensual, erotic power exchanges, not the complete control of one person over another.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

So… if one partner is spanking the other, it means the spankee has not only consented to it, but also is probably enjoying it. You might think being tied up means that you deploy that pair of fluffy pink handcuffs you keep in the bottom of the closet.

But typically in the kink community, being bound entails intricate and detailed rope work, from basic wrist ties to dynamic suspension setups. Injuries happen. But typically this scenario—a husband either knowing his partner is having extramarital sex or actually watching her do so—is something both of them have fantasized about. So… do your best not to gawk. Sante Suffoletta, founder of Denver lifestyle community Menage Lifesays people sometimes get kicked out of their parties for staring uncomfortably.

Talking about sex can be a total turn-on, yet most of us avoid the subject, even with our SOs. If you need an unintimidating way to jump-start the convo, want to learn more about your lovemap, or just have some sex-positive fun, consider these local events. Taught by Joanna Shakti, an advanced certified tantric educator, the Conscious Relating February 22 to 24 and Conscious Sexuality May 17 to 19 retreats differ in their curriculums. However, both foment conversation, help participants unpack attraction, explore the differences between the needs of men and women, and rewire the expectations surrounding sex in a fully clothed, welcoming atmosphere.

People come from all over the country to get freaky at the erotic galas put on by this Denver event deer. This nearly four-year-old sex-positive education group believes in the freedom of sexual expression. The free workshops, which sometimes include live demonstrations sometimes involving naked peopledraw anywhere from 35 to people.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

Learn about future Talk Sexy events at meetup. I was 15 and living in the balmy South when my friend gifted me one of the new lacy thongs her bawdy aunt had bought for her. The barely there black G-string was the first piece of noncotton lingerie I had ever owned—and I loved not only the way it looked, but also how it made me feel. Which was equal parts beautiful and coquettish, especially when I wore a skin-dusting sundress.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

At that age, no one else was seeing those undies. Beautiful bras, too.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

At 40 years old, I do have someone who enjoys the occasional glimpse of my frilly underthings, but I do not wear them for him. Instant confidence, right? Fancy undies have a similar effect, but with an added perk: the devilish pleasure of being the only one who knows about them.

A painless way to do that is a worksheet, a tool sex therapists often employ. Each partner fills it out, accepting or rejecting opportunities based on comfort level.

Lonely Denver pleasure chat

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