Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

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It happens pretty often; a hypnosub comes to an erotic hypnosis community seeking help. For some reason, the hypnoDom who ly worked with them is unavailable and they want someone, any hypnotist really, to help them undo what the hypnotist has done. I know this is my hobby horse and I ride it everywhere:. If you can do it for a hypnotist or a video, then you can do it for yourself. You can write down the suggestions for yourself, or record your own voice and play it back, if need a little help.

Self-hypnosis sessions aimed at moderating your commands and triggers work better with a metaphor that speaks you. But I have also used a metaphor of a wardrobe with pieces of clothing and hats that represent habits and suggestions. Find an image that works for you, visualise how your mind works for you, find the part where you keep your hypno play, and change it in any way you find appropriate. Remove the weeds that grow in your mental garden. You are the master of your own mind, and sometimes you choose to submit your mind to the command of others. In my time as a hypnokinkster, I have met a variety of people who like to be hypnotised, and the thing that keeps on surprising me is the grand canyon between the people who need help removing the suggestions from a hypnotist, and the experienced hypnotic subjects who instantly reject or adjust a suggestion whenever it feels right to them to do so.

Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

So this writing is going to be a little different. My own experience is that I can reject things, sometimes. I often talk about that one time when Guilty was trying to do something mean to me and I safeworded because it triggered an old childhood memory about being beaten up. Some of my own partners have tweaked or adjusted a suggestion in the very moment I gave it to them, either to make the suggestion more effective, or to stop it from going off in the wrong direction.

The most spectacular display of a hypnotic subject using self hypnosis to change things I saw at Charmed, where a demo bottom was told that something would happen if she thought of a dolphin, and she apparently wanted that, so she closed her eyes for a few seconds for a little self hypnosis. I firmly believe that anyone who likes to get hypnotised can learn to do things like this. And that is why it makes me so incredibly sad when yet another person walks into a hypnokink group asking for help to remove suggestions from a shitty hypnotist.

Because the simple fact is: they can, if you make them aware of this. The empowerment of bottoms is not just up to the bottoms themselves, a hypnotist is a teacher. I teach my subjects to react in a certain way whenever I say the appropriate trigger, and I can teach them self- hypnosis, and this. Especially file makers seem to be lax about content warnings, safety suggestions explaining that you can reject suggestions whenever you want, and the removal of unwanted suggestions. There is no excuse for failing your hypnotic subjects like that.

We have to do better. I mean people who have learned enough about hypnosis to feel comfortable to teach others. I mean people who are competent and experienced with doing hypnosis. I should have clarified that. Many of us in the hypnosis community love to be hypnotised, by the right person, under the right circumstances, regardless of whether we identify as tops or doms or switches.

My generation of kinksters has a lot of switches. I did not mean to say that our education should come only from tops. When you have read the literature and you have answered the exam questions right, you are deemed a hypnotist, regardless of your preference for hypnotising or being hypnotised.

We, as people who love to do hypnosis together, have a responsibility to educate newcomers to hypnosis, because hypnosis can be a pretty esoteric field. We have a responsibility to teach one another how it can be done, and how it can be undone. I firmly believe that when a person who was hypnotised experiences unwanted after effects, that is a consent violation. And then it turns out that the person who is experiencing these unwanted after effects also is not competent enough with hypnosis to remove these effects themselves, it breaks my heart.

As a reaction, I crack down on the hypnotists who leave behind a trail of unwanted after effects and hurt hypno bottoms. I want those hypnotists who have fucked up in the past and who are unwilling to change, to shut up when someone is seeking genuine knowledge and advice.

I start to kick butt, with my spiky boots. Which is not terribly helpful, I realise that. But we all know their names.

Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

And we need a way to steer people who are seeking knowledge about our kink away from the shitty hypnotists who cannot be trusted. I often think back to a school trip we took when I was 14 or so to Auschwitz. I remember being moved and trying to understand all the implications and the history of the horror that had happened in that place with my flawed, overstimulated teenage brain. I remember standing at the exit, looking at a book lying there where people could their name and share their thoughts and feelings.

How could I? How can anyone put into words what they feel at this time? When another queer person just like you commits suicide? When the undeniable effects of climate change are flooding and burning so many homes? When conservative politicians destroy the human right to bodily autonomy in their own rich, English spaking county?

Destroy the economy of their own rich, English-speaking country? When white supremacy is still as rampant and destructive as it was back in Auschwitz? It seems like the world as we know it is ending. There is. I can take care of myself. I can keep going, offering comfort and love and compassion to the people around me. I can do my part within the confines of my zone of influence, and I can hide away from the disasters and suffering that happen outside of my zone of influence. So here I am, plodding on. This is what I need to keep going. Please, if you find any of this relatable, find what you need to keep going.

Take some rest. Ask for help from your friends.

Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

And remember:. We, the Beguiled Conference Committee, are writing this public statement as we feel it is important to provide correction to misinformation posted by the MindQuake Conference Committee. When Beguiled began in we were able to get assistance in vetting and sorting through Midwest and other conference bans and warnings. One person that has been on our radar since the beginning was Mr.

He had a list of complaints from both other leadership teams and a few individual community members. So no official statements were ever needed. The Mindquake staff claimed that Mr. Taqtiks never got his presentation statuses. His presentations were rejected through the PreTalx system, like every other applicant. He at no point reached out to state that he was having an issue with the system or seeing his status and message.

The MindQuake Team has also responded to public notice that based on his clear further violations of community decency and, more enforceably, Beguiled Conference policies, Mr. Taqtiks is indeed banned from Beguiled. Even without red flag behaviors, these actions are sufficient for a permanent ban.

When a person publicly and via direct messages, lashes out against the people he believes has reported him, that is retaliation and harassment. However we, the Beguiled ConCom, want to create a community where people are able and feel comfortable.

Those who have been harmed get priority. We find it to be inappropriate to ignore such clear violations. Other members of their teams have also had issues and official warnings. It is not generally our policy to share these statuses publicly, but MQ has forced our hand.

Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

Beguiled also completely denounces the most recent racist victim shaming statements made on Fetlife by the MindQuake Team. All involved in that public statement should be ashamed and should do the right thing by apologizing and stepping down. The soft lighting up against the vaulted ceiling made the dungeon look cosy.

Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

Quiet music could be heard whenever the whips and floggers paused or were put down. Someone in the room moaned and gasped. Octavia wore her turquoise ballgown and Artemis was dressed in her yellow Hufflepuff dress. Octavia sat down on a sofa in a corner with a sigh. Artemis nodded. Smiling, Octavia kissed her on the forehead and snuggled up to her.

Keep reading. And the reason the subject of a complaint should never see the written complaint was fully illustrated by Taqtiks last night: it opens up the person who wrote it to retaliations by Taqtiks and others who are sympathetic to Taqtiks. He had no objection to it until there was a complaint against him not to Charmed! He took a situation that was already bad, and made it 1, times worse by broadcasting that he had a copy of the complaint and making it public knowledge, down to specific wording.

I had already reached that conclusion when I heard that Taqtiks had taken over MindQuake and was just quietly going to opt out, just as I quietly opted out in and and nobody really noticed. And then he suddenly starts calling me Mentor? Can you even believe what you just read? Posts Ask me anything Archive. How to use self hypnosis to change or undo hypnotic commands on yourself.

I know this is my hobby horse and I ride it everywhere: people who like to be hypnotised have this extraordinary skill: to use the power of their mind to do amazing things. You might have memories and associations, but they don't hold any special power over you unless you want them to!

The more you understand that, the easier it will be. And remember: You are valid You are worthy You deserve rest. Corrections and Statement in Response to the issues with MindQuake. Taqtiks is banned from Beguiled. We hope this is the last statement we need to make in regards to these issues. Sincerely, Beguiled Conference Committee. Octavia is back at the dungeon The soft lighting up against the vaulted ceiling made the dungeon look cosy. Well … this is distressing. An convo I had on Reddit about hypnosis derailed… we talk for a while see, everything seems fine And then he suddenly starts calling me Mentor?

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Hypnodomme seeking hypnoplay

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