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One of my favorite genres is winter movies. Yes, that's a real category—just like horror, comedy, and drama—and not much is required to get in it. Basically, winter movies are anything that make you feel cozy: snow moviesholiday movies…you get the picture. If there's a snowman, a sweater, or mistletoe, yup, you're watching a winter movie. These movies, of course, are best consumed during the winter months when we're more likely to crave content that comforts us.

The best ones are definitely of the rom-com variety, like The Holiday and Last Christmas, because they combine seasonal coziness with the universal warmth of love. Yes, I've thought a lot about what makes a good winter movie. This is how I spend my time. Want proof? Check out our picks for the 51 most essential winter movies.

They run the gamut in terms of genre and subject, but they have one common bond: cold weather.

Hot women Ravenna

Ironically, they'll warm you right up. Romantic movies are even better when they're set in snow. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Without a doubt, one of the most romantic winter movies ever, The Holiday basically invented Airbnb and made our collective crush on Jude Law permanent. Streaming on Netflix. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a whole lot of movie, but it will get you in the mood because of its wintry landscapes and, perhaps most important, Keira Knightley's presence.

Streaming on Disney Plus. Yes, The Empire Strikes Back falls in the category of winter adventure movies. It's not just the rebels' adventure on the ice planet Hoth: Han and Leia's romance steams up in a decidedly cozy way. Easily one of the best movies with snow, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe takes place in a land of eternal winter but never Christmas! It's like the title says: School's out, fun's on. This teen romp never became a classic like others of its era, but it's one of the few to take place in the winter, instead of revolving around the all-important prom.

For a real treat, show this to a kid and explain that remote learning used to not be a thing. This sweet coming-of-age tale set on the ice looks at the struggles and sacrifices of the women of competitive figure skating, featuring two mother-daughter pairs that may be uncomfortably relatable…. As far as snow adventure movies go, this one takes the cake. Johnny Kapahala has to leave his bodacious surfer lifestyle behind when his family relocates out of Hawai'i and onto the slopes of a tony ski town.

Yes, this Oscar darling is on our list for best winter movies ever. Tonya Harding's rough, tough life makes for great drama, but a heart-warming family flick it ain't. I present to you: winter movies, animated! No better fish-out-of-water story than Jamaicans out of Jamaica. This beloved comedy tells the true story of the island country's first go at a winter Olympic event. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme! Brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, the one and only original and best family Christmas movie.

Soon you will realize that every Nora Ephron film qualifies as a winter movie.

Hot women Ravenna

Nora Ephron was as good at respecting the best season of the year as she was at writing and directing. Streaming on Hulu. Emma Watson stars in this live-action remake of the classic Disney tale, and she's ed by a bevy of stars. Why are the Harry Potter films winter movies, you ask?

Hot women Ravenna

Because there's snow in some of them, of course. Castle vibes, Christmas vibes, candle vibes, it's a certified December series. Streaming on HBO Max. There's something about the Twilight series that feels cold and icy. Maybe it's the franchise's aesthetic, maybe it's the fact they're set in gloomy Washington state, maybe it's the pale complexions of the Cullen vampires. Regardless, these movies are best consumed between October and February. See that snow on the ground?

What better way to stay warm than with a red hood, am I right? The earth has been covered in frost, and the only remaining humans live aboard a perpetually in-motion train, where class divides are sharp and energy rules all. Just a reminder that snow isn't always pretty. Hanukkah movies are sadly few and far between, but this animated comedy makes good use of the holiday's structure—eight nights, duh—to build a series of escalating escapades as crazy as Sandler himself.

For fans of "The Hanukkah Song. True love on the snowy streets of England in Christmas—what could possibly be sweeter? Streaming on Amazon Prime. This is one of the best winter movies for kids, but also adults because you probably still remember the words to every. There are few things more winter than Carolthe visually stunning masterpiece in which Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett fall in love in the s. Streaming on Vudu. The scene in which Jennifer Lopez shelters Constance Wu from the winter cold with her enormous fur coat is worth the watch alone.

Streaming on Showtime. Falling in love with the brother of a guy you saved is one of the most wintry things you could do. Um, that final seen in the snow? Need we say more? The forced-to-see-family holiday blues are an essential plot element here too. Streaming on Starz. It's definitely the snowiest of his films, taking place high in the mountains and featuring some excellent coats. The only thing colder than a December morning is the icy sting of rejection, and SJP's in for a load of it when she visits her boyfriend's uptight family for the holidays.

Hot women Ravenna

Though the story in You've Got Mail spans months, the holiday shopping season is an essential plot point, and this movie just gives us those cozy feelings we crave when it's cold out. Streaming on HBOMax. When a snowstorm hits a small Midwestern town, new friendships and romances! It's Love Actually for teens, basically. Some movie critics call this one of the best Marvel movies, period, and it's certainly got pizzazz. And heart. And a PTSD plot line.

You know, Christmas stuff! Greta Gerwig's reimagining of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel tells the story of four sisters in Civil War—era New England with a modern feminist edge that celebrates the seasons, with many outdoor locations that will transport you to the Northeast in fall and winter. Elder millennials will fondly recall growing up with Winona as Jo and Christian Bale as Laurie, and they'll still begrudge the winter for killing our beloved Beth uh, spoiler. It's a vibe, it's a mood, it's a full-on emotion.

There is simply nothing that warms our hearts—or gets them pumping faster—than this beautiful love story, which seems to take place, somehow, entirely at dawn? Streaming on Amazon Prime Video via Cinemax. Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeem travels to Queens, New York, in quite possibly the least romantic season: the dead of winter. And yet it's a success! Yes, I'm aware this list is almost entirely made up of rom-coms, but it is what it is.

This time watch Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis fall in love. The Princess Switch films are family movies everyone can enjoy. For an added layer of fun, count how many Christmas trees are in every room. The answer is a million.

This hit French dramedy isn't LOL funny, more cringe-y, following the fallout from a cowardly man's failure to protect his family from an almost avalanche. The ultimate tearjerker, which uses the changing seasons as a potent metaphor for the end of a vibrant woman's life. In the age before handheld smartphones, believe it or not, winter meant you had to sit inside and actually talk to one another. Yeah, we know. Streaming on Paramount Plus. Surviving a plane crash only to be stranded on a mountain in harsh conditions sounds absolutely terrifying—at last Idris Elba is there to heat things up.

David Fincher's take on a Swedish thriller is of course super muted, colorwise, and the material here—rape, revenge, murder—is equally bone-chilling. Distracting, yes. Warming, no. A pregnant detective investigates a murder in the snow in this hit comedy that's probably your cool cousin's favorite movie, which later inspired an anthology TV show. They're moms. They're bad moms. They're bad moms and it's Christmas, and the bad moms' bad moms are coming in to town.

Quite literally what more do you need. The son of a late Christmas jingle writer doesn't usually like the holidays, but when an almost tragedy provides him with an opportunity to date vulnerable single moms…well, let's just say it's not called About An Upstanding Man. Streaming on Peacock. This action thriller stars Jeffrey Wright as a wolf-behavior specialist who arrives in a remote village in Alaska after a woman claims that wolves took her three small children.

One of the loveliest romantic comedies ever made, this classic doesn't have the flashy sequences or memorable lines that sometimes draw in new audiences, but we dare you not to be charmed. Streaming on Philo. One of the best classic movies in history, Meet Me in St. Louis is a delightful musical and romance, featuring a sparkling Judy Garland and a songbook you'll be humming till the new year. Rewards Free Stuff Promos.

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Hot women Ravenna

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