Fat hubby wanted

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Hubby hates the fat me, he wants a slim wife. What to do! See last answer. Your browser cannot play this video. Thanks for all your replies. Yes I would love him regardless of him putting on weight or anything else. I already use a smaller plate and do 2 and a half miles of walking every day. I work in the evenings so can't an exercise class or running and during the day have my little one to look after.

Fat hubby wanted

Will have to try do exercise while she has her nap instead of getting the evening meal ready. We've talked plenty of times, some arguements others real tear jerker moments usually from me. He not only wants me to lose the weight so he fancys me but for the girls.

I have decided for me, health wise and also for the girls and also because I want more sex that I am going to do it one final time. Just got to chose which eating plan to do. Search for a thread. Cat N 5. Good luck hun. But i am suprised your husband is not even sorry for talking to you in such a way. Wonder what his response would be if you turned round and told him hes out of shape and u want a muscly husband! Losing weight Slim fast? Losing weight slim shakes.

Fat hubby wanted

Okay maybe your hubby could have dealt with this a litte bit better but you have to respect his opinion. I dare say he would love you if you were a size 42 but it doesn't meant to say he has to find you attractive. You are obviously bigger than the woman he fell in love with and thats the woman he wants back. We all have our preferences, blondes, brunettes, big boobs etc. My hubby didn't find me attractive after i'd had ds as I went to a 2 sizes bigger than the woman he fell in love with. I really wish you all the best of luck and hope you succeed in reaching YOUR goal but you also have to see it from hubby's point of view Helen D I would tell him that I fancied him a hell of a lot more when I first met him and he was younger and had more hair and looked more like Michael Buble than Michael Winner If you do want to lose weight make sure that you do it for you and not just for him hun, x.

In answer to Dai52jxk. When you decide to be in a long term relationship, you expect pysical changes, wrinkles, weight gain, hairloss the lot! IMO you fall in love with a person's soul, not just their body and if he's showing s of jumping ship cos you've put a bit of weight on then he probably isn't going to want to be there when you grow whiskers on your chin and have to wear tena lady.

Tell him to give you the love and respect you deserve or get rid!

Fat hubby wanted

In answer to Cla11tni. Ok so maybe she can do something about her size if she wants tobut what about ageing? Nothing can be done about that and what if he says, in twenty years time, that he wants her to look as young as she did when they first met? When I met my ex I was a size 12 I'm 6ft tall so a size 12 for me is skinny.

I put on weight over the years and became a At first my ex kept saying that it didnt matter to him, then gradually changed his tune. Trouble was, him saying I needed to loose weight made me unhappy which, of course, made me eat. I got to a size 20! Needless to say, its fairly obvious why hes now my ex! Now I'm a size 16, a single mum and the happiest I've ever been.

Never mind kicking ur butt to do something, kick his butt out of the way til he can say something nice to you! In answer to Ale20yrh. Well as the title say's my hubby hates the fat me, don't get me wrong he still loves me but is turned off by what I am. I want sex so much more than he does, cause he says he's so grossed out by what i've become. Would this be enough to kick your butt into doing something or just upset you and make you reach for the naughties in life?

Some days I have the willpower because of his comments but other days it plays on my mind and I'm hurt, usually the latter. When I met hubby a good 12 years ago I was a size 14 a cuddly one at that and he was smitten straight away, many years roll on and so do the pounds. Oblivious to how he feels I kept getting bigger but would then maybe loose a stone or two then wham back on it went.

Then we had our dd1 and went on a diet and lost nearly 7stone. That took me from a size 22 to a size 8, something I never felt I would be. Admittedly I felt great but very insecure in this new body, most my adult life I had been a 14 at my smallest to a big 22 esp when only 5foot1.

Fat hubby wanted

What doesn't help are my boobs are an Hcup so that makes me look bigger when in my fat suit. Hubby says he wants the slim me back and can't see why I get upset that he doesn't fancy me after seeing me slimmer. Sometimes I feel like a russian doll all made up, you peel a layer off then the next then maybe put one back on again then take one off, it can go on and on or can it?

I don't want to be a yo-yo dieter anymore but I wish hubby wanted me regardless of size. I get upset cry about it, feel annoyed that he doesn't want me but don't seem able to do it even for me when I know that I'm not happy being the weight and size I am.

I'm extremely down and hurt at his comments but deep down I know he's right. Doe's anyone else's hubby, lover, partner etc love them but not fancy them? Or is it just me. Sorry, Alexandra but your hubby sounds really, really awful. There is no way I would put up with that. Is he perfect? Is there anything you could demand he change? I've lost a stone so I'm now a comfortable 18, but would like to lose more weight although I'm by no means stressing over it. My hubby never says anything negative at all, and would never dream of it. I know this isn't helping you, but I think it's extremely important that you see how cruel he is being towards you.

If my DH dared say anything about my weight, then my simple retort would be, "and what do you think you look like? He's grey, bald and has so much chest hair I often say it is like living with Mr Tumnus! If I were you I'd be having a very stern word and explaining why his remarks aren't helping you with your weight loss in the slightest. Losing weight slim fast diet??

Losing weight Tesco Slim. Losing weight slim in 6. Sure i get worried that people will be grosed out by my body sometimes but for someone to acctually say that to you, someone so close to you that you acctually value their opinion, that makes me sick. Can't find your answer? Ok so first things first - I don't think it is nice for you that your husband has made you feel bad about your size and to say that he is 'grossed out' by you is truly hurtful. Hugs to you. I do have something of the opposite problem though and would be interested in what people on this thread have to say about it.

My OH is a few stone overweight, which has been gradually creeping on over the last few years, to the point of him having to buy clothes in bigger sizes, and saying himself that he is too fat and needs to do something about it. He has confidence issues about all sorts of things and I have always tried to just be supportive - i.

The problem is, it is all talk. He drinks too much and snacks late at night, so despite us having a relatively healthy diet at meal times, he consumes too many calories. He finds non-competitive exercise 'boring' so won't go for runs, use a gym, go swimming etc, but would rather play football or badminton, but that takes time to organise and ends up getting cancelled if other people drop out, and is also expensive. At the same time he is having trouble with hip and knee so high impact sports can end up putting him out of action, which is worse while he's carrying more weight than he should be.

I haven't said that to him though out of fear of hurting his feelings and making things worse. So, question is, what could I do to help him lose the weight? Do I just have to wait for him to do it himself? I'd love him to be healthier and fitter as much as slimmer, and I worry that he'll be an ideal stroke or heart attack candidate in 20 years time if he doesn't do something now, which does make it my problem in that worst case scenario I end up widowed or his carer, but seems like if I take a firmer stand point about any of it I run the risk of being the same as OP's spouse Any ideas?

I think your husband could have expressed his feelings to you in a much more sensitive way. He doesn't find you as attractive as he used to because of weight gain- yes he should be honest with you about it but there s a way of saying things. A few people have said that their husbands would still love them if they gained a lot of weight- but unless I'm mistaken your husband hasn't actually said he doesn't love you any more.

He has admitted to a loss of desire though. I am going to be completely honest- if my OH gained 4 stones I would probably struggle to find him attractive sorry girls but its the truth. I would want him to lose weight. However, I would approach the subject sensitively with him.

Fat hubby wanted

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Should wives stay thin for their husbands?