Cougar or milfs

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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Or isn't there one? With the cougar it's kind of the other way round!!!! Helbore Posts: 14, Forum Member. Technically, a MILF needs to be a mother.

Though the term is rarely used in such a restrictive way. For instance, a year-old with a baby could be a MILF - but no-one would actually use the term for someone so young, even if it is technically correct. A cougar, actually, doesn't even need to be attractive.

She could be pug-ugly, because it's not about whether a man is actually attracted to her. It's all about her attitude and actions. An unattractive cougar might be an unsuccessful cougar, but she'd still be a cougar. A combination of MILF and cougar is best all round. BlizzardUK wrote: ». Elanor Posts: 13, Forum Member. Cougar is such a horrible word. Cougar is an older woman who looks for younger men. MILF is an older woman and mother that younger men will tend to find attractive.

One can also be the other, they are not mutually exclusive labels. Christa Posts: 17, Forum Member. Elanor wrote: ». System Posts: 2, Forum Member. Christa wrote: ». I think Cougar's a great word!

Looking forward to being one Thanks for the explanation. Or maybe that will increase the older I get, haha, at 14 a 25 year old would of probably been a MILF to me. The Snakes Posts: 8, Forum Member. There certainly seems to be a lot more attractive older women than there once was. The Snakes wrote: ». Georgemcneil Posts: 2, Forum Member. Then there's that other feline term, the puma - a younger version of the cougar, who similarly likes to "date" younger men.

Andy Birkenhead Posts: 12, Forum Member. PamelaL Posts: 67, Forum Member.

I guess I'd be thought of as a cougar, my husband is 11 years younger than me. I think I agree with Elanor though, it's not a great word. Is there an equivalent for men who like much younger women? Henderson Posts: 11, Forum Member. PamelaL wrote: ». My BF is 12 years younger than me.

Actually in two weeks time when I get to be 53 he'll be 13 years younger! There is nothing cougarlike about me, though my son once decked one of his friends who referred to me as MILF lol! Liz Mcdonald is a cougar. SeasideLady Posts: 19, Forum Member. I had to ask him what it meant as I had never heard the term. As I'll never see 45 again I was quite pleased really! SeasideLady wrote: ». In or Register to comment.

Cougar or milfs

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