A short story for the ladies

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But the titular story in the book is not about the act of cleaning women.

A short story for the ladies

Influenced but not prescribed by autobiography, Berlin having inhabited most if not each of these various states during time spent in Santa Fe, Alaska, Santiago, Colorado, New York, Texas, and California, her stories are masterful. So why, then, do Berlin and others like her get compared so often and so predominantly to men? In a story about trying to get her sons ready for school in suburban California in between early morning trips to the liquor store, I found the darkness and loneliness of John Cheever. And, of course, there is the hulking presence of Chekhov, who, though not American, is that be-all-end-all of short fiction mastery.

A short story for the ladies

Julie Brown lays out in her anthology on the subject many of the reasons why this phenomenon persists, and 20 years later they still ring true. In addition to the men on her book jacket, Lucia Berlin has been compared to Lorrie Moore and Grace Paley—they are a reminder that there is a long tradition of short story writing by American women, and that we should call them masters as readily and with the same gush of tribute and admiration that we do their male counterparts. This list is by no means exhaustive; rather, they are the names of some women whose work is particularly relevant in a conversation about Berlin.

A Manual for Cleaning Women is, after all, a manual, intended to be shared. Grace Paley. As Ken Johnson has suggested, many of the formal innovations in her stories—the long monologue, dialogue-only narratives—may have, instead, actually influenced them. And the messiness of her personal life and willingness to incorporate it into her work certainly resonate with Berlin.

Before Hurston was writing her novels, she was contributing to several of numerous anthologies founded by and for black writers. Kincaid plays with genre, enacting a postcolonial interrogation of form that a novel or longer fiction might not allow. Prose-poem-as-short-story could also be applied to Davis, who might, ironically, be the most extreme example of the supposed economy of the best short fiction—a principle she subverts, however, by emphatically grounding her work in the experience of women.

Davis knows about trying to make rigorous art out of autobiography, which explains her reverence for Berlin.

A short story for the ladies

At one point considered the face of a whole generation of minimalist fiction in the late s, Beattie crafted a muted, affectless voice that critics felt had never been truly captured before, writing about characters who were coming down from a heady era of counterculture with little feeling and even more dysfunction.

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A short story for the ladies A short story for the ladies

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