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Thanks for visiting us and for such kind feedback. Great day out. We had a lot of fun with the little ones. Older children may not enjoy for it is a small park and the rides lack adrenaline.

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For children up to 8 or 9 years old it was a blast. Date of experience: February The cosmeceutical field is a profitable venture. In this scenario, geolocation-based dating applications provide a viable men who have sex with men and use geolocation geosocial dating apps in Brazil". It mimics the activity of waglerin 1, a amino acid peptide from Tropidolaemus wagleri snake venom, and reduces wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions Zhang and Falla, Bee venom therapy is an ancient therapy which uses this toxin arsenal as a cream, liniment, ointment, injection, acupuncture, or directly via stings of live bees to treat several disorders Ali, Bee venom acupuncture corresponds to the most common used method, especially in the Koreas, and can be employed as an alternative treatment to pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

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A phase II randomized study to evaluate the effects of bee venom acupuncture in 68 participants with adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder NCT and another one in 60 patients with chronic cervicalgia NCT were completed in andrespectively. A phase III randomized study NCT in patients with diagnosed osteoarthritis of the knee was completed in and a phase III randomized study NCT for multiple sclerosis is not yet recruiting patients last update Another therapy for medicinal purposes is the hirudotherapy medicinal leech therapyapproved in by the FDA. They are hematophagous animals that possess about biologically active compounds in their saliva, especially the anticoagulants, but also components with anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, and analgesic properties Singh, The hirudotherapy and all the toxin-based drugs approved by the FDA are chronologically shown in the next timeline Figure 1.

Timeline showing the animal toxin-based drugs and hirudotherapy approved by the FDA. Animal toxins are most often useful as pharmacological tools for target validation.

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However, in section Achievements With Animal Toxin-Based Molecules it was shown that they have also been successfully used as therapeutic agents. Although there are examples of success, there is a gap between the of compounds with interesting pharmacological properties obtained from animal poisons and venoms and those that are approved. Drug development programs may be discontinued due to several factors, like intellectual property disputes, changes in the program leadership, lack of funding, among other business decisions.

The lack of publications regarding important data, during the different stages of their development, also contributes to several program discontinuations. While we sought to retrieve this information from the scientific literature, this fact impairs most of the process, concealing most of the key events. The subsections Challenges Regarding Basic Research to Challenges Regarding Clinical Trials will address the challenges related to basic research, preclinical evaluation and clinical trials during the development of animal toxin-based drugs.

However, many challenges faced during these stages are not available in the scientific literature, since much of this information is under intellectual property law for compounds that are still being developed or for which the development stopped because of internal issues.

One of the bottlenecks when studying toxins from small or rare venomous species, such as scorpions and spiders, is the hardship in obtaining large amounts of venom and purified toxins. The higher amount of collected snake venom is one of the reasons that may explain why most of the approved animal toxins-based drugs come from these animals. In this context, studies comprising animal toxins are not a simple task since many challenges must be addressed. Problems in the development of toxin-based drugs encompass selectivity, mechanism of action, formulation, stability, and production cost Zhang and Falla, Besides the modern approaches using omic techniques, molecular biology, bioconjugation, and nanomaterials in animal venom research, venom components do not always meet all the requirements for a potential therapeutic application.

In this regard, after overcoming the challenges imposed during the basic research, like obtaining enough amount of the toxin, it becomes necessary to stand up against some pitfalls faced during preclinical evaluation. Some compounds lack the ability of crossing pivotal barriers in the organism, including the blood-brain barrier, which may interfere in their delivery. Additionally, the susceptibility to blood proteases, as well as their immunogenicity, which are directly linked to biopharmaceutical degradation in vivoare also important factors to be considered. Considering all the challenges at this phase, preclinical studies are usually costly and lengthy, since they must attend all the requirements stated by the regulatory agencies throughout the world.

In this respect, regulatory issues, together with problems related to lack of funding, and manufacturing problems, have been a hindrance for academics pursuing to advance their drug candidates into the clinical trials. Randomized clinical trials are the gold standard to evaluate specific drug-related issues such as the efficacy and, to a lesser extent, the safety of new medicines before marketing approval. To overcome these limitations, studies using electronic healthcare records EHRs of post-marketing comparative drug safety may complement traditional spontaneous reporting systems to predict which drugs require further epidemiological investigation.

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A method of enhancing effectiveness of therapeutic agents using taxane nanoparticle co-administered with the therapeutic agent has been recently patented USB2. On this point, the obstacles faced during the process of approving a new drug are harder to overcome than just improving its drugability, with two mainly issues contributing at this stage. In this context, adverse effects, lack of efficacy and dose-limiting toxicity are responsible for the interruption of many clinical trials Harvey, ; Lewis, Most cases of drugs withdrawn from the market voluntarily or prohibited by regulatory agencies are related to different events, ranging from safety issues, like serious side effects, to several non-safety issues, encompassing those related to the manufacturing process, regulatory or business issues, or lack of efficacy.

The foreseen toxicity of some toxin-based drugs may not be completely avoided, impairing the process at different stages of drug development. A mimetic peptide isolated from Naja spp. While Ximelagatran was mostly well tolerated in specific trial populations, a small proportion of the treated patients developed elevated liver enzyme levels, during phase II of clinical trials, which caused the FDA to reject its approval.

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On the other hand, a phase IV randomized study NCT to evaluate the efficacy and safety of hemocoagulase injection in the treatment of moderate to severe hemoptysis is recruiting patients since However, updated information regarding the evolution of this study could not be retrieved.

Pexiganan, also known as MSI a residue linear peptide analogue of magainin-2isolated from the skin of Xenopus laevis frog, is an antimicrobial peptide with therapeutic potential in treatment of infected foot ulcers in diabetic patients. The molecule presents in vitro activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The company Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Following the approval of ziconotide, other conotoxins, such as leconotide and Xen, were synthesized, studied and advanced to clinical trials.

This molecule reached phase III of clinical trials in catheter occlusion and stroke; however, it was discontinued due to the lack of effectiveness Shah and Scher, ; Markland and Swenson, Among the several reasons for the interruption of many drug development programs are also intellectual property conflicts, lack of funding, business issues or changes in development leadership. But the reasons that led to the manufacturing interruption have not been published, which prevents the proposal of solutions.

Lepirudin is a recombinant peptide similar to hirudin, with an isoleucine instead of a leucine at N-terminal region and also lacking a sulfate group at Tyr It was marketed for prophylaxis or treatment of thrombosis complicating heparin-induced thrombocytopenia Lee and Ansell, The process of looking for information on drug removals from the market or haltered developments is a difficult task, since some of them are not available for several reasons aforementioned, and the data retrieved from public databases are ificantly limited.

In other words, factors that have not been published could have contributed to the discontinuation of the program. The database search for toxin-based drugs on clinical trials is challenging. One needs to know the acronym or the abbreviation of the desired active ingredient, since sometimes neither the species nor the generic name is cited to allow a broad search.

Furthermore, most of the information on these drugs is confidential and thus not available in the public domain.

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Another problem is that a lot of available data for some drugs have not been updated for several years, which makes it difficult to find accurate details. Clinical development is a lengthy and costly process that includes phases I to III of clinical trials regulatory review and approval and phase IV post-marketing surveillance Chow and Chang, Phase I recruits healthy volunteers to assess primarily pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability; phase II evaluates a cohort of patients with the target disease to establish efficacy and dose-response relationship, and the large-scale phase III studies confirm safety and efficacy Tamimi and Ellis, Phase IV clinical development focus on the safety rather than efficacy Chow and Chang, The following subsections will address the clinical trial status of some toxin-based drugs from different animal species and additional information about these drugs is available in Table 2.

Chansu, the dried toad venom secreted by the skin glands of Bufo gargarizans ly B. Many in vitro studies demonstrating anticancer properties of huachansu justify its continued evaluation in clinical trials. Phases II and III studies started recruiting participants, into evaluate if cinobufacini tablets have synergistic effect in the treatment of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, the most common subtype of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The estimated date of conclusion of the study is December NCT Overexpression of members of this receptor family has been documented in several human neoplasms, such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and small cell lung cancer. Considering its mechanism of action and preclinical antitumor activity, further studies exploiting new formulations of RC for human use, such as slow-release preparations and analogues with a more favorable pharmacokinetics, are justified.

Epibatidine is an alkaloid extracted from the skin of the Ecuadorian frog Epipedobatus tricolor poison-dart frog. ABT is of particular interest once it is more powerful than morphine showing no morphine-associated side effects and only mild cardiovascular side effects Fox and Serrano, Conotoxins, isolated from different species of cone snails Conus ssp.

Following the same direction of bee venom, the whole venom of ants has been employed in therapeutic use. For instance, the extracted material from venom sacs of Pseudomyrmex triplarinus could be helpful in relieving the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis WOA1, USA. Despite those studies published employing hymenoptera whole venoms, little has been reported on the therapeutic applications of purified toxins. Thus far, the most explored hymenoptera venom components are melittin, apamin both isolated from beesand mastoparan isolated from wasps Moreno and Giralt, Chlorotoxin CTx is the only toxin from scorpion venoms undergoing clinical phase trials.

The evidence of a venom molecule that interacts with chloride Cl - channels was firstly demonstrated by DeBin and Strichartz, which showed that Leiurus quinquestriatus quinquestriatus the yellow scorpion from the Middle East, also known as death stalker venom was able to block Cl - channels of reconstituted rat epithelia and embryonic rat brain DeBin and Strichartz, CTx is a peptide with 36 amino acids presenting Da, 4 disulfide bonds and it is positively charged in pH 7. However, a milestone in the CTx discovery was the production of fluorescent molecular probes such as the tumor paint CTx conjugated with Cy5.

This bioconjugate can detect cancer foci and metastases from malignant glioma, sarcoma medulloblastoma and prostate and intestinal cancers using mouse models. The specific identification by this fluorescent molecular beacon CTx : Cy5. It has been tested against different cancers breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate adenocarcinoma, glioma primary and solid tumors. Regarding intellectual property, many patents applications can be detected relating to CTx variants, bioconjugates and methods for use, with an extensive list of records e.

Although solely CTx reached clinical phase so far, other scorpion toxins have demonstrated therapeutic potential. The demonstrated that SVAP 0. Moreover, this peptide 0. Cancer treatment is also explored with other scorpion toxins. BmkTa, also a CTx-like from M. Scorpion toxins blocking potassium channels have also been widely investigated. In particular, those inhibiting K v 1. To the best of our knowledge, there are 81 scorpion toxins with positive in inhibiting K v 1. Nevertheless, only eight of them present in vivo assays i. Some reports have shown that maurocalcine from the scorpion Maurus palmatusa toxin active on ryanodine receptors, goes into the cells and can also be used as a vector for the penetration of cell-impermeable cargo molecules.

CPPs are short residues cationic or amphipathic molecules with the capability of being rapidly internalized across cell membranes. In this way, they can mediate the translocation of a conjugated drug across plasma membranes, being considered an effective and non-toxic mechanism for drug delivery Ramsey and Flynn, Sea anemones, the polyp form of marine coelenterates of the phylum Cnidaria Watters,are poorly studied, but represent a rich source of new compounds.

ShK, originally isolated from Stichodactyla helianthus sea anemone venom, inspired the de of dalazatide, a synthetic peptide composed of 37 amino acids, acting as a K v 1. Dalazatide completed phase I trials in to examine the safety of systemic multiple ascending dose administration in 32 healthy volunteers NCT and in 24 patients with plaque psoriasis NCT No phase II study has been started since then.

However, public databases e. In the rights of this drug were d. A randomized study involving this molecule completed phase II trial in 31 patients with sudden hearing loss to check its effectiveness, safety, and tolerance for this kind of pathology in NCT The association of 15 residues of the C-terminal portion of Dendroaspis natriuretic peptide, isolated from D.

Another phase I randomized study to maintain the function of left ventricle in 30 participants with myocardial infarction was completed in NCT Fibrin sealant or fibrin glue, a bioproduct formed by a thrombin-like serine protease from C. A 33 kDa-batroxobin from B.

The recombinant batroxobin used with a medical adhesive synergistically accelerated hemostasis in the mouse liver and femoral artery models, reducing bleeding time and blood loss. An analgesic preparation containing cobratide and oxycodone for cancer-related pain CN and a keluoqu tablet preparation method using tramadol hydrochloride, ibuprofen and cobratide also known as ketongning and cobrotoxin CN have been patented.

The anti-nociceptive effects of cobrotoxin the N. RPIM has 71 amino acid residues with five disulfide bonds and completed phase I of clinical trials for multiple sclerosis, while RPI-MN presents 62 amino acid residues and four disulfide bonds King, Although RPI-MN is parenterally administered via subcutaneous injection, RPIM can be orally administered, since its absorption through the oral mucosa occurs when it is formulated with benzalkonium chloride Reid and Raymond, Chemical modifications that detoxify these molecules can alter their affinity to nAChRs.

They may include their oxidation with ozone, formate also known as methanoate and hydrogen peroxide, being the latter more adopted Reid, However, its mechanism of action has not been elucidated yet Reid and Raymond, Crotamine, a highly cationic and cysteine-rich CPP from C. Another component isolated from C. Purotoxin-1 PT1obtained from the central Asian spider Geolycosa sp.

Interestingly, a minimum dose of 0. Biozeus Biopharmaceutical S. A performed pilot tests with the topical peptide renamed BZ on healthy human beings and has been performing a pilot test with voluntary men with erectile dysfunction associated to hypertension or diabetes. The regulatory toxicological preclinical tests have already started. The salivary secretion from different animals, such as bats, leeches, lizards, shrews and ticks are considered important sources of biologically active compounds. Other animals, such as caterpillars, have biologically active compounds in their bristles.

Many of these compounds are still underexploited, lacking information on their chemical structure, physiological role and therapeutic application. Thus, the study of these compounds increases the chances of discovering new compounds with great pharmaceutical potential.

The subsections Bats to Ticks will address some potential therapeutic molecules found in the saliva or bristles of these animals. A phase III randomized study in participants with acute ischemic stroke was completed in Currently, there is no drug based on desmoteplase available for commercialization. Caterpillars from different South American countries, such as Venezuela, Brazil, French Guyana, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Colombia, are responsible for a severe bleeding syndrome in humans who touch their bristles Arocha-Pinango and Guerrero, Some compounds with potential therapeutic applications were identified in Lonomia sp, e.

Currently, there are three clinical studies on caterpillars recorded at the Clinical Trials website US National Library of Medicine, However, these studies are related to their use as a source of protein in the diet and none of them involves the genus Lonomia. Additional information on FDA-approved hirudin analogues from H. Exenatide is the synthetic version of the native peptide exendin-4 isolated from the saliva of Gila monster lizard H. According to the Clinical Trials website, there are more than clinical studies about exenatide. So far, there are completed studies, 12 terminated, 25 whose status has not changed for 2 years, 47 recruiting volunteers, 11 that are not yet recruiting, and three enrolled by invitation.

A phase I of study NCT in 23 advanced cancer patients with TRPV6 channel overexpression was completed in and a phase I study NCT started recruiting patients with advanced refractory solid tumors in There are several studies addressing the importance of tick saliva components. However, although tick saliva contains many components with therapeutic and biotechnological potentials, there are neither clinical studies involving the use of substances isolated from tick saliva nor drugs available for therapeutic purposes.

The clinical studies currently registered on the Clinical Trial website in respect to ticks are related to the development of vaccines against ticks or the use of different antibiotics in Lyme disease. Animal poisons and venoms are comprised of a cocktail of bioactive components with a gamut of different activities. Company pipelines worldwide are expanding the of peptide-based products currently in development mainly because of the diversity of their application and activity. Get browsing with these NYC appsfind a great date idea and have a night on the town.

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